Google Summer of Code


I am proud to announce that I have been selected as Google Summer of Code student this year for project Administration Tool for OpenMRS 2.0. Thanks to OpernMRS community for showing your trust on me. Thanks to my mentors Wyclif Luyima and Darius Jazayeri for selecting me.  Now, I will do my best effort to make this project a success and become an active member of OpenMRS community. I am a GSoC’er now ! 🙂

Week 12 (5th Aug – 11th Aug)

Hello all

So, we are here in the last week of GSoC. Its time to clean up code, write documentation, and make a catchy video presentation for our projects.

I am able to finish main features of the module this week. Also, developed Manage global Properties form where we can control global properties and their values.

Cleaning up and organising UI a bit.

Week 11 (29th July – 4th Aug)

Hi all

Its been an amazing experience till now. GSoC really rocks 🙂

Finally, all features of Location Manager finished and app ready. Worked on following things :

1. View location hierarchy. I am currently using the core’s Treenode UI for displaying locations tree structure but still looking for some good UI. I am working on jquery functions to expand and hide locations.

2. Manage attribute types. Create, Edit, Retire and Purge attribute types.

3. Manage Location tags. This was an interesting thing to work on. The API for managing tags is very well developed by OpenMRS developers. Respect _/\_

4. Fixed Git comments on committed code by Wyclif.

5. Wrote In-line validation for all forms.

Getting following issues :

1. Retire location tags not working – The function locationService.retireLocationTag(locTag) works very well, shows success but the retired attribute of that tag still remains 0 (should change to 1 ideally). need to look upon this.

Here are few screenshots of the current work :


Things to do next :

1. Start developing Advanced Settings

2. Clean code and write documentation

Week 10 (21st July – 28th July)

Its the 10th week of GSoC.

I have almost completed Location Manager app for the homepage. Mostly worked on the controllers and service classes. Need to improve UI a bit.

Things which are working good are :

1. Add a new location
2. Attach location tags with a location
3. Edit a location
4. Retire a location
5. View all locations
6. Location form validation and inline errors

Let me show some of the screenshots :

loc saved

view locc

retire loc

Things to do now are :

1. Manage location attribute types

2. Represent location hierarchy in some good UI

Week 9 (13th July – 20th July)

Hi all

So, we have lived 9 weeks of GSoC. Its really been a awesome experience till now, where I have got to learn a lot of lot of things.

This week, I was not able to work much since I am at Bangalore (out of station), for a training. I had informed Wyclif about the same.


Week 8 (7th July – 13th July)


This week I continued developing Location Manager. I have just completed Adding new locations feature. As discussed with mentor, I would now add basic Unit tests for account manager classes.

Next task is to think of some good way of depicting location hierarchy. Then, I would code for managing Location tags.

I missed the first OpenMRS social hour. Eagerly waiting for the second one on 16th July.


Week 7 (30th June – 6th July)


Pardon for being late to post this week. I was out of town this weekend and didn’t have access to internet.

This week I started developing the Location manager. I am focussing on improved Managing location tags right now. There will be many improved featured under location manager in reference application. I went through the source code of managing locations feature in current UI and understood its functioning. Here’s a screenshot of current work.


Tomorrow, I have weekly call with my mentor in which we are going to discuss more on additional features and settings for managing locations.